Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, reunions, achievements – so many reasons to get together with family and friends, celebrate, cherish the moments and make ever-lasting memories. Getting away to a holiday destination and celebrating these occasions makes them even more special. And you can’t find a better place than Goa to celebrate your special events. Our group stay options offer you just the cozy comforts that you are looking for. Spread across North and South Goa, we offer you villas, apartments and even resorts to stay together as a group. Our villas in this category are independent or located in complexes – so that you get as many villas as you require. The villas range from 3 bedrooms to 8 bedrooms, mostly in a complex of several villas. We can accommodate a group of 10 or 100 or even more, depending on your budget and other requirements. Our villas give you the comfort of a home and much more. They are equipped with air-conditioned bedrooms, well-appointed bathrooms, living rooms and kitchen or restaurant facilities. Plus we provide caretaker and housekeeping services to maintain the cleanliness of the villas and help you with some basic needs.

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The best part about our group accommodation is the economy they provide you. Whether in the luxury or budget category, with villas, you can expect much more competitive prices and value for money than hotels or resorts can provide for a group. What’s more – we will make your stays even easier by providing transport, group activities, sightseeing and even restaurant recommendations. We can organize banquets and dinners, cocktail parties, dinner parties, barbeques etc. for your group either at the villa location or elsewhere.